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Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes

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Mountain Planet 2022




The Mountain Planet exhibition honors the stakeholders of mountain territories and resorts.
For the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region, this exhibition holds a special place. The message to highlight is clear: a Region that is committed and positioned as the primary partner for mountain territories. In addition to its commitment, the Region aims to be exemplary in facing new challenges. The goal is to create an eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable stand.
This stand accommodates several hubs and clusters, partners of the region, each having its space for reception and communication. Various shared spaces are emphasized, whether for professional meetings, conferences, or more intimate discussions with a dedicated pitch area. The stand should be adaptable to host different events throughout the exhibition.
Illustration page Processus : La découverte


Act 2


With the given objectives, our design team suggests the guiding theme to showcase a dynamic territory throughout the year: "From Hiking to Snowy Peaks," setting the theme.
While maintaining eco-designed materials, we highlight the various reliefs of our territories through printed Reboard (corrugated cardboard) screens that make up all communication spaces. The stand is entirely accessible to everyone with beveled angles and adapted reception counters.
The conference space is adaptable to quickly accommodate different activities (conferences, receptions...) with tables featuring removable legs and wooden tabletops from a local supply chain, along with stackable chairs.
The pitch box is inspired by a contemporary chalet, incorporating local wood and transparent surfaces for a lighter structure that attracts visitors and piques curiosity.
The cozy space consists of planter screens and rolling tables made from spruce sourced from the same local supply chain, complemented by poufs made from untreated local wool by an association committed to professional reintegration.
The floor is made of 100% recyclable carpet

étude technique & chiffrage

Act 3

Analysis & costing

Following a presentation, we readjust some spaces to meet the needs of clusters and adapt the layout. The cost estimation phase is initiated: consulting all our partners, validating recycling channels. Our carpentry manager studies the partitions, the internally manufactured furniture to optimize reuse. We work with woods and laminates to ensure the reuse and recycling of materials. We produce a detailed quote to validate each point with maximum transparency.


Act 4


With the project approved, all technical follow-up is yet to be accomplished. We create all the necessary supports to ensure the proper execution of the print files, including a comprehensive signage summary (dimensions, technical requirements, required quality, file type, etc.). Every detail is outlined with markers on the perspectives for better understanding.
We liaise with the organizer to validate the project and ensure technical orders (lifting sling points, electrical controls, WiFi, etc.).


Act 5


Simultaneously, we initiate the manufacturing process with material and furniture orders. Once the materials are received, the carpentry workshop starts crafting partitions, custom furniture, reception counters, etc. There is also a lot of preparation and verification work for rented structures, lighting, power supplies, etc. Everything is selected and packaged. Then comes the palletization stage to prepare for logistics. The stand is packaged and protected to ensure flawless transportation.
Our design team, in collaboration with the technical teams, prepares the installation file for the project.


Act 6


Logistics are also a key point for the smooth running of the exhibition. We take responsibility for loading and unloading our projects to ensure better stability during transport, optimize truck filling, and provide the necessary care for transported structures. We work with trusted partners selected for their quality of service and reliability.


Act 7


Prior preparation is carried out with the project manager and assembly teams to review key installation steps and highlight potentially sensitive points. This way, the assembly teams receive additional instructions in addition to the installation file. We work with a team of professional assemblers whom we aim to build long-term relationships with, considering them full members of our C2J team when we engage their services. The teams operate under the coordination of our production manager. Structures, signage, lighting, etc., we pay special attention to all these adjustments to ensure an optimal level of finish and a result faithful to the perspectives.


Act 8


After a final cleaning, we take the time to go through the project with our client to ensure their satisfaction. We validate all the last details together before handing over the keys to the stand. The region can now enjoy its exhibition. In accordance with our client's request, there is a presence throughout the exhibition to assist in adjusting the spaces based on events.


Act 9

ongoing management

Upon the stand's return, two options are considered based on the elements involved:
- Storage of items that can be reused
- Recycling channels (carpet, canvases, etc.) for elements that cannot be reused.
All of this is part of the commitment to a stand that can be guaranteed to be 95% reusable and recyclable.