C2J Agencement

Our job at C2J AGENCEMENT is to brighten up your company's different interior spaces.

Our experience in physical communication means we can offer you advice and solutions that are tailored to the different areas in your premises, while showcasing your visual identity.

Together, let's imagine these welcoming areas.


C2J Agencement is the ideal partner for your company's interior layout and design...
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Shared space

Set up a meeting room in your premises.
Imagine a welcoming space where your employees can relax.

Design an eating area within your company.
C2J AGENCEMENT will advise you, and design and implement your shared space projects.


Display your products and promote your services in an environment that focuses on the brand experience.

C2J AGENCEMENT designs and creates a showcase for your products that reflects your DNA, down to the smallest detail.

Reception area

Create an ambiance and convey a message that is in keeping with your image, as soon as your visitors come in.

C2J AGENCEMENT designs and creates reception areas that embody your company's culture and identity.

Our Creations

C2J AGENCEMENT creates dedicated, durable spaces. Come and explore our selection...







We make it all here!

Single point of contact

C2j is your preferred contact from design to completion of turnkey projects.

Driving from
A to Z

From the look to the technical aspects and the budget, c2j will manage your project from every angle.


Design, tracking, manufacture, installation (...), each item on your quote is presented in detail.


C2j has an integrated carpentry workshop, reliable partners, and its own production team.

3D modelling

Our designers use 3D design software to help you visualise your future premises.


Our installation personnel will take measurements on site and prepare and install your new layout design.

Creating together

The different interior spaces in a company are a reflection of the organisation, its identity and its culture. The way they are laid out helps deliver a strong message from the outset and set the mood.

Tell us about your company, the atmosphere you want to create, the messages you want to get across, the colours you want to use and the spaces you want to have.

Let's talk about your expectations, constraints, and objectives.

Let's work together to create what you have in mind for your company and your employees.
C2j will help you with your workspace design and layout, from conception to completion.

Our approach

Every interior design project is unique. We remodel spaces with a practical approach and the right tools, from 3d software to installation on your premises, with full project management from start to finish.
Learn about the key phases of this approach.
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Brief & requirements analysis

Tell us about your company, and what your objectives and expectations are. Let's discuss and create it together, bringing your project to life.



Our designers interpret your wishes, explore creative avenues, and sketch out a concept.


3D modelling

We present your future stand using trend boards, plans and 3D perspectives.


Manufacturing the exhibition stand

Our implementation team takes over in concertation with the project manager: carpenters, electricians, and fitters all step in.


Stand installation

Our assembly teams will bring your stand to life.

Illustration made in Annecy by C2J

Exhibition stand storage

We can store your stand on our premises once it has been dismantled.


C2J toolbox

Here's a round-up of questions we are frequently asked about corporate interiors ...however our sales staff are still the best people to talk to, so do feel free to get in touch.
Why should we create a brand showroom?
polished manner, providing a top-of-the-range image overall. The main objective for a showroom is to spark curiosity and, above all, the urge to buy. The sales area displays specially selected items for retailers, the press, and future customers to see. It also helps you to establish a relationship with your visitors, as you provide explanations in person, and enable them try out the products.

Whether at private or public events (such as trade shows and fairs), or in dedicated premises, a showroom is a very good option for companies without a physical shop (such as an e-commerce site). There are two types. The permanent showroom is open all year round and is often located next to the company's premises. The temporary showroom is available ad-hoc for specific occasions or for a promotional event, in the form of an exhibition stand, a temporary point of sale, or even a pop-up store.
Why design a company reception area?
The reception area reflects the company, its identity and its culture. This is the first impression visitors will have when they arrive. The way it is laid out helps to deliver a strong message from the outset. The reception area should reflect the company's image and business.

Located at the entrance to the premises, the reception area should be laid out in such a way as to make it easy for visitors to come in, while ensuring privacy and peace for other employees. It is therefore advisable to set up a company reception area in an area with good soundproofing, and relatively far away from meeting rooms and offices.

Keeping offices and other work areas away from the reception area ensures confidentiality and quiet working conditions.

However, it is important for the reception area not to be too separate, in order to facilitate communication between reception staff and other employees, as well as the visitor's journey between the reception area and the other areas they may need to use.
Designing a comfortable and practical waiting area
The waiting room is often seen as an extension of a company's reception area. It is therefore important to choose waiting room furniture that reflects the company's image, both welcoming and comfortable.

Chairs and armchairs: think about the number of seats you are going to provide, as well as the comfort and design of the furniture.

Consider the practical side too. Plastic chairs are easier to clean, and stackable chairs are simpler to store and move around.

Sound proofing: to protect everyone's privacy, it's important to provide a well-soundproofed waiting room to avoid conversations and noise from neighbouring rooms and the reception area being heard. There are soundproofing solutions to keep noise levels down, providing comfort and calm at all times.

Visual communication: the design of a waiting room can include very formal signage, reminding people of obligations and important information, but it is also the place to vaunt the company's merits.

on our creations

Come and see our range of layout designs at C2J AGENCEMENT: for your reception area, meeting rooms, or offices.
Philippe Michas - C2J