With over 30 years' experience, we know how complex projects can be. C2J makes sure you can rely on us, with complete peace of mind.

Find out why C2J is the perfect partner for you.


The design, plans and perspectives are produced by our design office.
Our physical communication architects translate your ideas into 3D.


The precision of our achievements is the result of excellent communication between our different departments, to provide you with maximum technical expertise. The preparation of your project is finalised in-house with the different trades.


Transport, assembly and dismantling on the exhibition site or at your company are carried out by our own staff, under the constant supervision of a C2J project manager.


Scalable and reusable, your stand and communication equipment can be stored in our warehouses until the next event.
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our crew

An adventure on a human scale 

Our talented staff from different backgrounds and with complementary expertise share their vision and know-how to provide suitable solutions.
Let's stage your ideas, together...
Artistic director
Design manager
Executive assistant secretary
The director
Sales manager
Stage director
Designer - Project manager
Stage director
Designer - Project manager
Stage director
Designer - Project manager
Assembly and manufacture
Carpentry and manufacturing manager
Assembly and layout
Production manager
Preparation and electrical manager
Join us!
C2J is always on the lookout for new talent.
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The end result is true to the agreed plans and perspectives. Our talented staff are with you until you take delivery of your stand and will give you some final technical advice on how to use your space.

Our partners

We can count on reliable and trustworthy partners.
For transport
For lighting
For decor
For plants

100% in-house

From design to installation!

Manufacturing precision and care

Essential to the implementation phase, our technical expertise guarantees that your project is in good hands and that it is completed to the highest standards.

100% of the technical choices are determined when the project is signed.

The drawing board

The spark for our imagination, the expression of your dreams, is materialised on the drawing board, bringing your project to life with its technical, functional ,and economic aspects.

100% of the design, perspectives and technical plans are produced by our design office.

A stunning result

Our staff will guide you all the way through to the handover of your project.

Logistics, transport, assembly - we take care of everything including the final touches.

100% of our projects include a full, personalised handover procedure.


At C2J, the human values of warmth and commitment are in our genes, supporting our ongoing focus on quality.


Welcoming in a pleasant atmosphere, finding pleasure in working together on projects, and nurturing the connection with our partners in good spirits are, for us, the essential components of a motivating and efficient environment. Let's create together with a smile!


At C2J, we envision collective success with an awareness of individual contributions. This environment strengthens our commitment and encourages us to leave our personal mark on C2J. Each of us contributes a part of ourselves that propels the entire company forward. Let's dare to trust ourselves!


Quality is our hallmark, whether it's in terms of relationships, functionality, or aesthetics. We cultivate it through the care we put into our interactions with partners, demonstrating respect, courtesy, and transparency. The reliability of our processes allows us to sustain our entire value chain, from design to installation, encompassing manufacturing and logistics. Quality is our natural standard of excellence!

Our story

  1. 1988

    Dominique Pierlet creates C2J

  2. 1989

    First stand assembled for Crédit Agricole des Savoie, and first modular sales stand (Mutuelle Médico-Chirurgicale)

  3. 1990

    First stand built (Crédit Agricole des Savoie)

  4. 1991

    C2J is approved supplier to Annecy International Animated Film Festival

  5. 1992

    First international show (Automechanika for Serdi)

  6. 1998

    C2J moves into and inaugurates its new 700 m² workspace, with a new identity

  7. 1999

    C2J approved service provider for Palexpo Geneva (ICBT)

  8. 2001

    First Luxepack in Monaco (Texen) and C2J listed as official supplier for the show

  9. 2008

    C2J wins best stand prize for Philibert Savours at the Europain trade fair

  10. 2010

    Logo redesign and new corporate identity

  11. 2011

    First art exhibition for Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Council (Spacejunk)

  12. 2018

    C2J celebrates 30th anniversary

  13. 2019

    Company acquired by Philippe Michas

  14. 2021

    Towards a new identity

Our CSR commitment

Eco-responsibility and CSR: C2J is committed!
Each of our projects entails consideration of our social and environmental responsibility.

How is C2J committed to reducing its impact on the environment?
More environmentally-friendly products (cleaning products, eco-friendly paints, organic wood from ecologically responsible forests...). Constantly seeking out new materials and eco-friendly manufacturing methods.
Choosing biodegradable or recyclable signage media, printed using vegetable-based inks.
Repurposing as many existing stand parts as possible.
Raising awareness of waste management and eco-actions (aluminium recycling, IT equipment, waste sorting, etc.).
Encouraging the reuse of materials (canvas, honeycomb cardboard, carpet tiles, etc.).
Manufacturing quality components using noble materials, to increase our creations' lifespan.
Using less thanks to new electrical equipment: more environmentally-friendly low-voltage LED lighting.
Favouring short supply chains
Preferring local and eco-responsible suppliers wherever possible.
Human resources
Creating a strong, dynamic corporate culture, based on unique skills and expertise, in keeping with our cooperative values.
Respecting our customers: Total transparency in our estimates, detailing all items in order to maintain our customers' trust.

Continuous improvement in all our projects: listening to our customers and prospects is essential to fully understanding their needs and expectations. (An assessment is made of the improvements and modifications to be made after each project).
Safety culture
Establishing a strong safety culture throughout the Group and guaranteeing the well-being of our employees and service providers.
Service provider and supplier partnerships
Developing sustainable partnerships with our service providers and suppliers.
Maintaining our competitiveness and sustainability through investment and innovation.