We put your preferences centre-stage.


We add value to your brand image and your products, and that’s why we need to completely understand you in the first place. Your display spaces are made to measure and we ensure the smallest of details is not overlooked.


We take your design brief and work together with you to turn it into your ‘desires brief’. Both we and our clients appreciate this process of refining and redefining, and our clients certainly enjoy asking us questions that we love to answer. No doubt because we provide the answers they really want!

We are all completely committed

Listening, reacting and discussing- this is the best way of working that we know. This means that our projects develop naturally in close collaboration. C2J’s lively bilingual team will work together with you on all aspects of your exhibition space, both in France and abroad. Each and every one of us is completely committed, responsible and straightforward.

Our creative sense makes us question ‘obvious’ choices. Innovation is central to our process, so that we can provide you with a unique design, unique to each individual project.

This means that we can design exhibition stands for you that are totally suited to your needs, colourways and graphic charters, your timescale, and to the most-all-encompassing manufacturing methods. We build your peace of mind.

Meeting your needs and pressures is our challenge.


A constraint is just a new challenge for us, helping to push back design limits. With our technical expertise, we can ensure quality project design and delivery. Our customer loyalty – some of our clients have been entrusting us with their exhibitions stands for 30 years – and our consistent presence as a benchmark at international trade shows in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa etc., speak for themselves.


The way we set our prices suits your needs. Even at the lowest price, we value the real cost of satisfaction and safety. We work to optimise your budget – the majority of our exhibition stands can grow with you and can be reused. Hence your investment is spread over a number of years, in line with CSR standards set by trade shows and your company.