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Traditional stands

At C2J, we devote all of our energies to incorporating the issues and positioning of an economic player into the project, embodying the meeting point between the client’s offering and the wandering visitor’, and making the space into a lasting experience. Only a team as enthusiastic as ours can ensure creativity and peace of mind.

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Expressing the vision of an artist or a set designer, translating the intentions of the curator of a collection or a community, presenting the epitome of a trade or profession – these are the challenges that C2J has been meeting for a number of years. What could be better than a business on a human scale to invest in listening and reacting with sensitivity?

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Modular stands

An economic solution that can be adapted to reflect your different requirements whilst ensuring that your identity concept is maintained. Modular offers you graphical freedom with a quality finish allowing you to keep your stand from show to show and always have the same impact at each event.

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Nomadic Stands

Are you looking for a stand that you can manage totally independently which reflects your image? Nomadic stands are the solution you’re looking for. Basic or bespoke solution, we’ll guide you through the choices to find the one that fits your requirements. Thanks to stretched canvases, the solution offers a strong visual identity and is entirely customisable.

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Collective stands

Between cohesion and differentiation. Representing one company under a common logo is a challenge that needs careful management: reflecting everybody’s needs and achieving a sense of perfect unity.

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Retail, Showroom, reception area, office… Your work or exhibition space reflecting your requirements and your image. C2J will support you in this complex process. Our small family-sized company ensures reactivity and availability, and we can advise on the most suitable solutions.